Rehabilitation and reconditioning

The guarantee of successful completion of surgical or outpatient treatment is the immediately following rehabilitation care under the supervision of the surgeon.

According to the patients’ post-surgery condition, they are provided an individual plan of rehabilitation procedures and exercises. It is possible to include more rehabilitation units per day. Multi-phase daily intensive care and after-treatment can also be used in combination with hotel-type rooms directly at the clinic’s premises.

The new modern centre offers the attending care of specialists experienced in rehabilitation of top athletes.


Functional kinesiological examination of the motor skills (initial and control analysis of the locomotive system)

  • Therapy on neurophysiological basis
    •       Vojta reflex locomotion therapy
    •       Basal postural programs according to Čápová
    •       Therapy of functional of the shoulder joint disorders according to basal locomotion program concept
    •       Functional dynamic stabilization in the context of developmental kinesiology
    •       Sensomotoric stimulation
  • Soft and mobilization techniques
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Conventional fitness exercises (overball, theraband, balls)
  • Back School (ergonomics of working environment and locomotive behavior in standard everyday activities)


  • rehabilitation pool
  • massage bath
  • whirlpool



  • electrotreatment

Extra treatment

  • sauna including cooling pool
  • relaxation in the area of winter garden