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    Jaroslav HUSTÁK, MD - Orthopedician with II. attestation, Leading Specialist of the Clinic


    Ján ŠIROKOVSKÝ, MD - Orthopedician with II. attestation



    Orthopaedics of the ORT-ART private clinic offers routine Out-Patient Orthopedical Treatment as well as Operating Orthopedical Treatment. Afterwards, post-operative treatment follows in the rehabilitation department of the clinic. This combination offers an ideal harmonisation and timing for each patient according to his / her individual needs.


    Such a complex treatment leads to a fast recovery, the physical condition of the injured part of the body is restored very quickly and patients can soon return to work, normal life or sport.





    Apart from complicated or complex reconstructing surgical operations (where hospitalization is required from 1 to 3 days) the patient goes home on the day of surgery (known as one-day surgery).