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    ORT-ART Private Orthopaedic Clinic is a modern and complex medical center with 4 wings - out-patient department, operational theatres, rehabilitation department and an accommodation block. The interiors are pleasant, airy, light, attractive and in accordance with the latest world trends. All departments in the clinic use leading edge equipment. 



    • Out-patient Department


    Out-patient department is a place for out-patient treatment and check-ups.



    Register of patients         Out-patient consultation room                Waiting room      




    • Operational Theatres


    Only leading-edge methods and procedures are used during surgical operations in our operational theatres. 



       Arthroscopic knee surgery                                 Pre-operational ward



             Operational theatre                                     Operational theatre




    • Rehabilitation Department


    A successful outcome for surgical and out-patient treatment is ensured due to our rehabilitation treatment which immediately follows surgery. According to the actual post-operative condition, each patient is given an idividually created plan of rehabilitating procedures and training. Specialists who are very experienced in the rehabilitation of top sportsmen and sportswomen will take care of you.



                 Fitness room                                                          Whirlpool



             Physiotherapy                  Winter garden                    Rehabilitation

                                                                                           swimming pool  



    • Accommodation Block


    There are 12 beds in the clinic in modern hotel-style rooms, all of them are en-suite and with TV and internet access facilities. Comfort of our patient really mattters.



              Room for patients                                    Room for patients



      En-suite facilities              Entrance to the                   A view from the

                                          acommodation block          accommodation block