Orthopaedics and traumatology

The department of orthopaedics of the ORT ART private clinic provides both regular outpatient care and surgical treatment. It directly follows the post-operative care of the conditions in the rehabilitation part of the clinic, which means an ideal time alignment according to the individual condition of each patient.

This comprehensive treatment leads to rapid healing, regaining of physical condition of the damaged part of the body, and a rapid return to work or sports.

Besides complicated reconstruction procedures (hospitalization from one to three days), the patient leaves home on the day of surgery (modern trend – so called one day surgery).

Outpatient orthopaedic treatment

As a part of outpatient care, we provide a comprehensive orthopaedic examination by a physician from our clinic, from the initial consultation and diagnostics of the problem up to the monitoring of the treatment process and its progress and follow-up rehabilitation and examinations. Everything at one workplace under the supervision of closely cooperating specialists.

Surgical orthopaedic treatment

In the field of orthopaedic surgical therapy, we perform both complex reconstructive procedures, where the patient is hospitalized from one to three days, as well as one-day surgery where the patient leaves home on the very same day.

Arthroscopic surgeries

Arthroscopic surgeries – mini-invasive, patient-friendly operations of the joints without major disruption of the integrity of the articular capsule. The joint is usually penetrated from two to three point holes, under the visualization of the optical system, camera and special medical devices. Arthroscopy as a method prevails in surgical approach to large joints.






Other surgeries

Post-accident surgeries


  • treatment of fractures such as wrist navicular bone, 5th metatarsal bone, collarbone, etc.
  • solution to intra-articular fractures
  • reconstruction of unhealed fractures, so-called non-unions or false joints

Ligamentous and soft tissues:

  • reconstruction of recent and older tendon injuries, Achilles tendon, release of tendon knits, transplantation of tendons to treat tendon defects
  • treatment of damaged joints, e.g. stabilization of collarbone dislocation, including reconstructions and plastic surgeries of ligaments
  • dealing with post-traumatic deformities and scarred contractions
  • reconstructions of ligaments, ankle instability treatment
  • reconstruction of the torn tendon insertions – triceps, biceps

Possibility to perform the procedure without hospitalization

In more complicated cases, at least one-day hospitalization

Degenerative disorder surgeries

Degenerative disorder surgeries

  • Sole affections – dropped foot arc – solution by lifting the dropped foot arc
  • thumb surgeries, finger deformities
  • correctional osteotomy of the metatarsal bones by using distractional implants
  • addressing insertion ailments
    • surgeries of tennis and javelin elbows
    • scuta insertion surgeries
    • calcaneal spurs
  • removal of ganglia and other fibrotic degenerative processes
  • endoprostheses of small inter-articular joints of the fingers of the upper extremities
  • removal of fibrous contractions of the soles and palms
  • relaxation of the elbow and central nerve of the wrist

removal of the tendons sheaths in the event of their defect

removal of exostoses (osteophytes)

possibility to perform the procedure without hospitalization

in more complicated cases, at least one-day hospitalization

Operations of congenital defects

  • extension of Achilles tendon
  • removing of accessory fingers
  • correction of the position of the deformed fingers of the upper and lower extremities
  • Torticollis – a solution to shortening the neck muscles

Possibility to perform the procedure without hospitalization

In more complicated cases, at least one-day hospitalization