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    Jiří STACH, MD - anesthesiologist with attestation of I. and II. level in the specialisation of ARIM


    Pain Management Consultations:

    Ort-Art, Šenovská 1829, Petřvald, the Czech Republic



    The philosophy of the Department of Anesthesiology is: maximum comfort and minimal stress for the patient



    The medical specialisation of ARIM (Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine) is focused on total and local anaesthetisation. From surgical operations in theatre to treatment in specialised ward blocks we will ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Another activity of this specialisation is management and treatment of acute or chronic pain by physical, pharmacological or other means.


    Picture: Anesthesiologist

    Dr. Stach taking care of his patient


    We provide an anestheziological service for all surgical specialisations within the Ort-Art private clinic according to surgeon´s requirements. Surgical operations are carried out either under local or total anaesthetization or using a combination of both methods. Anaesthesia is provided by experienced doctors and nurses, who are able to offer an optimal approach in accordance with the type of treatment and personality of the patient. A wide spectrum of methods and pharmaceutical preparations are used with stress placed on the safety and comfort of the patient not only during the surgery but also afterwards. The staff is highly competent and able to solve any possible problems during the whole stay of the patient in the clinic. 


    We take care of pain management of all our patients in early post-operative period. The method of anaesthesia is selected also with a focus on post-operational  pain reduction. We use techniques of local anaesthesia for most of our patients to ensure a long-term reduction of soreness.  Non-opiatic analgesics are sufficient for further pain reduction. Some patients do not require pain killers at all. 


    Patients with chronic - longlasting - pain are treated by pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods with use of multi-disciplinary approach. This complex therapy includes systematic and local application of analgesics or supporting medicaments including invasive procedures, aurikulotherapy, myoskeletal medicine and others. 



    Picture: Pre-operative treatment





     Methods Used:


    • total anaesthesia - mainly TIVA (intravenous anaesthezia) with spontaneous, deepened or controlled ventilation. Airways are secured with face or laryngeal mask or endotracheal tube. 
    • local anaesthesia
      • neuro-axial blockade (epidural or subarachnoideal)
      • blockade of neural plexuses (brachial or lumbosacral)
      • blockade of individual nerves
      • infiltration or district blockade