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    ORT-ART Private Orthopaedic Clinic in Petřvald near Ostrava,

    the Czech Republic


    ORT-ART is a unique clinic of the highest order. Our facilities and equipment are outstanding as are our technical capabilities. Only leading-edge methods and procedures are used during both our surgical operations and post-operative treatment. An individual approach is taken towards every patient and many of our methods of treatment are not in use elsewhere. 


    The breadth of experience of our team of doctors and medical personnel will ensure that your care is of the very highest quality. The director of our clinic, Jaroslav Husták, MD, who is a leading specialist in the field of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of Locomotive Organs will personally oversee your care and treatment.






    Other medical specialisations of the clinic are:



    There are 12 beds in the clinic in modern hotel-style rooms, all of them are en-suite and with TV and internet access facilities.  


    • We provide operational treatment as well as out-patient treatment
    • Our modern post-operation rehabilitation care and therapy also includes techniques of  myoskeletary medicine and reconditioning care
    • We are a modern and complex medical centre with 4 wings - out-patient department, operational theatres, rehabilitation department and an accommodation block
    • Our interiors are pleasant, airy, light and attractive
    • Patients are treated using the most gentle procedures and methods
    • We use only the best materials and medicaments to ensure our high standards
    • Our anesthesiology uses the best medicaments and procedures to ensure the highest quality and quick recovery of patients
    • All departments in the cinic use leading edge equipment
    • Every patient is treated as an individual with individual care